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The purpose of the Oak Lawn Public Library is:

1. To assemble, preserve, and administer in organized collections, information in a variety of formats to serve the educational and recreational needs of the community;

2. To promote and stimulate the communication of ideas, fostering enlightened citizenship, and enrich personal lives;

3. To encourage and provide all citizens the opportunity and resources for lifelong learning.


Internet Policy


Access to Electronic Information Policy

The Oak Lawn Public Library (hereinafter referred to as "Library") provides Internet access as well as other electronic formats to individuals as a tool to obtain information. In addition to direct line access to the Internet on equipment owned by the Library, the Library may provide designated areas where patrons may access the Internet on their own computer equipment capable of receiving wireless signals. The Library cannot assume responsibility for the security of personally owned hardware and software used on Library premises. Internet

Various formats of electronic information are extended to patrons as a privilege, not as an automatic right or as an obligation of the Library. Procedures for use of the Internet will be determined by staff and Internet-use privileges may be modified and or suspended in their entirety, at the discretion of the Library.

The vast majority of information and data obtained via the Library’s electronic format is generated outside the Library. Therefore, it is impossible for the Library to guarantee accuracy or prevent access to controversial materials in electronic format. The Library assumes no responsibilities for any damages, direct or indirect, or any illegal or criminal activity arising from use of its connection to Internet service. As a public facility, the Library may limit content viewed on any electronic device on Library grounds that is deemed by staff to fall outside the overall standards of our community and inappropriate to the sensibilities of a group setting. The Library is dedicated to protecting and promoting intellectual freedom and will not control or monitor information in electronic format. The Library may employ software to filter Internet access in the Youth Services Department. This system provides no guarantee that every objectionable item can be avoided. It is the parents’ responsibility to monitor their own children’s use of the Internet if they wish to ensure that their children view only material they approve. Wireless Internet access viewed by patrons on their own computer equipment shall be filtered by the Library.

Revised 10/16/12

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