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3D Printing


The library recently acquired a new 3D printer. This machine can fabricate objects in one color. As this is new technology, rules and regulations associated with the machine are subject to change. Right now we are offering anyone with a library card one FREE “print” (up to $1). Stop in the Computer Center to order yours!

3D printerWe hope to generate interest in this fascinating technology and you can “print” models for a small fee (50¢ per hour) to help recuperate some of the materials cost. As most models take several hours, orders will be taken. We reserve the right to refuse any print for any reason. Models of weapons, illegal items, etc. will not be printed.  Patrons will have to provide an electronic file model (.stl format) and it will be transposed into a file compatible with our machine (.cubex format). Please note: Some models may not print well so we will only try a couple of times. We also have a list of models you can choose from.

There are a few websites that offer free (and paid) models that you can download. In addition, some websites have free creative software to make your own models. Below you will find some website links related to 3D printing.

For Models to download: Thingaverse

For free software to create Models:

TinkerCAD - Easy to use, no download required and tutorials to get started with

Sketchup - More advanced, requires download and installation, free for personal use, tutorials too.


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